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Manufacturers who seek employees with certain competencies can use the competency framework that ARM has created as well. Likewise, training providers developing new robotics programs can rely on competency frameworks for curricula and education benchmarks.

“The biggest challenge we see is that technology advancements are outpacing workforce...

Robotics, Workforce

When you think of an Industry 4.0 or an advanced manufacturing career that involves robots, you may picture a factory setting filled primarily with men and barriers separating them from the robots. You may assume that everyone in the room has a Ph.D. You might think of the robot as being dangerous or perhaps being built to replace someone’s job.


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The Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), through the CARES Act, provided funding to the ARM Institute to collaborate with Wilder Systems to develop this technology.

The ARM Institute is leading the way to a future where people and robots work together to respond to the nation’s greatest challenges and to...

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When you think of robots, images from movies like “Transformers,” “The Terminator,” or even “Wall-E” probably spring to mind. The ways in which robots really interact with our world are much less dramatic than these action-packed, apocalyptic depictions, but they are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing and space sectors. This is...