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One of the largest food companies and a leader in protein is embracing highly contextualized data to increase operational efficiencies. Though the pilot project is focused on chicken rendering—with product streams including bone meal, feather meal, chicken meal, and blood meal—the findings will help to improve efficiencies across all kinds of food...

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In a recent demonstration of the vendor-agnostic Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) from CESMII, project partners first helped managers of North Carolina State University’s water purification plant get off the dime and analyze the data they were collecting with smart instruments.

“Automation has been going on for more than 100 years,”...

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As manufacturing undergoes the revolutionary changes of the Digital Age, the people with the keenest leadership skills have taken up the charge to modernize the industry so that it leverages the cloud and Big Data and is connected and smart. Their success encourages the rest of the manufacturing world to follow.

To assemble this list of leaders...

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In today’s connected world, manufacturing remains far from untouched as waves of change from IoT (Internet of Things) technologies crash over society and industry. Smart manufacturing refers to the digitization and connectedness of manufacturing, creating a fully integrated network of all aspects of production—including fabrication, supply chain...

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The manufacturing process that takes the next big idea from concept to market is one of the greatest factors propelling innovation forward — or in some cases, holding it back. Without this important step, we’d live in a world without many of the ingenious technologies that improve our daily lives and excite our imaginations, from smartwatches to...