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Siemens is collaborating with Dow to showcase the future of automation with a process industry test bed at MxD, a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing institute and innovation center near downtown Chicago. This new test bed offers a hands-on demonstration of how innovative software and IoT come together with hardware to accelerate digitalization...

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Our cars will drive us to work, where robots will be our partners in performing our assigned tasks.

Back at home, they’ll do our shopping, deliver our groceries and make our dinner.

A decade from now, our lives will be transformed by the robotic and artificial intelligence technologies being developed right here in Pittsburgh.

“In 10 years, our...

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My congratulations go out to Gretchen Whitmer for winning my state's gubernatorial election. The governor-elect - as well as governors across the other 49-states - face many great challenges from health care to infrastructure with significant financial constraints. Of course, with great challenges come great opportunities. Given the significant...

Pittsburgh Technology Council
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We know two things for certain about U.S. manufacturing. The industry must become more advanced to stay competitive globally, and manufacturers need to keep employees employable by educating them to keep up to date with technological advances.

A.R.M.'D For the Next Wave

In this day and age, “advanced” means adapting to, and using, robots in the...