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The very survival of manufacturing depends on more students becoming workers in STEM-related careers. More specifically, the future needs an increase of students wanting to work in STEM in order to combat the severe outreach and recruitment challenges the manufacturing industry currently faces.

If the manufacturing industry does not address this...

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A Stevenson High School science teacher took some summer school of his own this month at a Detroit workshop to guarantee that he has the right stuff to teach lessons about materials science.

Stevenson’s Curtis Davis joined other metro Detroit educators at a July 9-13 ASM Materials Science Camp for Teachers at Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow’s...
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LOWELL -- It's a tale of two fabrics.

The standard uniform catches fire and never stands a chance, burning completely through.

But the other flame-retardant uniform self-extinguishes the fire within a few seconds, resulting in a charred sleeve. This safer, lower cost, non-toxic material may end up saving soldiers and firefighters in the future.