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For decades, young adults believed that the ticket to success was a college degree. As a result, interest in the skilled trades declined. We are now paying the price for that shift with a shortage of skilled workers at a time when they are more critical than ever.

While the need for these workers is widespread, American manufacturing in particular...

White House
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Manufacturing is the backbone of America, powering our economy and building our middle class. Over the past year and a half, we have been making “Buy American” a reality, not just a slogan, and bringing jobs and companies home. This year’s National Manufacturing Day comes in the midst of an American manufacturing boom, as we celebrate the strength...

Textile World
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Loomia Technologies is partnering with Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) to develop highly tactile, heated handwear that could be applicable to both commercial/recreational and military customers.

For this collaborative project, Loomia will provide technology to be used in a heated glove insert, while AFFOA will lead customer discovery...

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In 2021, Smart Manufacturing started asking the leaders transforming manufacturing what effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on their business. Not only do the stories continue to amaze, we’re also seeing some of the trickle down effects of COVID-19 emerge in their answers.

Two respondents said reshoring—bringing manufacturing back to the...