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Remember in-person meetings? A year ago, would you have thought our world, our homes and offices would be upended and changed so rapidly? Seemingly overnight businesses were adapting to a new reality. We at U.S. Food and Drug Administration adapted as well – we had to. Our mission is so critical, we couldn’t fall behind because too much was, and...

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Xerox Parc, the legendary research and development center, is probably best known to readers as the research lab that Steve Jobs visited in the late 1970s, getting his first glimpse at the graphical user interface concept he later made famous with the Mac. But Parc has been involved in plenty of other innovative research projects over the years —...

WHAM Rochester, NY
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Two floors of a former Kodak building on Lake Avenue have been renovated to house the nearly-completed AIM Photonics headquarters.

Approximately $30 million in taxpayer money has been used to prepare it; another $30 million is in the works.

The nerve center of AIM Photonics is in the clean room, whether designs will be developed into prototypes...

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The New York State Photonics Board took more steps on Friday toward trying to attract more photonics manufacturers to come to the Rochester area.

Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced during his State of the State address in January that he wants to allocate $30 million toward attracting photonics companies to the region.

On Friday, the photonics board...