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Gov. Charlie Baker on Monday announced a new initiative and over $10 million in funding to support manufacturers’ efforts to pivot production operations to produce personal protective equipment and other critical devices, such as ventilators, sanitizers, and thermometers.

The Manufacturing Emergency Response Team (M-ERT) is being launched alongside...


In the summer of 2018, a team led by MIT researchers reported in the journal Nature that they had successfully embedded electronic devices into fibers that could be used in fabrics or composite products like clothing, airplane wings, or even wound dressings. The advance could allow fabrics or composites to sense their environment, communicate...

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Dozens of executives, engineers and researchers crowded into North Carolina State University’s Hunt Library early Thursday, part of what Cree CEO Gregg Lowe called “an invisible revolution.”

“We’re the folks behind the curtain… revolutionizing a whole bunch of industries,” Lowe told the crowd from the stage.

Lowe and his cohorts were gathered for the...

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Xerox Parc, the legendary research and development center, is probably best known to readers as the research lab that Steve Jobs visited in the late 1970s, getting his first glimpse at the graphical user interface concept he later made famous with the Mac. But Parc has been involved in plenty of other innovative research projects over the years —...

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Construction of a national photonics initiative headquartered in Rochester should end up $3.2 million under budget, officials said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, roughly half of the $44 million in tools for the research hub on Lake Avenue have been delivered or are in transit. Installation is expected to begin next month, with officials anticipating an opening...