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MxD today announced that it has been recognized as a winner in the 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards for outstanding project achievements as well as in next-generation leadership.

Projects were awarded in three categories: Engineering and Production Technology, Transformational Cultures, and Collaborative Ecosystems.

The Engineering and...

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This past year brought the country and our world unprecedented challenges, which now present opportunities to innovate and build a new path forward. Using lessons from this year, the manufacturing industry is poised to undergo a transformation.

Supporting this work are the institutes that are part of Manufacturing USA®, a national network of public...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live and work. This newly released special report highlights how 9 institutes in the Manufacturing USA network worked with 91+ partners across 24 states and Puerto Rico on 36 manufacturing innovation projects to combat COVID-19.

The institutes convened members from industry, academia, and government to...

Highlighting Manufacturing Innovation, Collaboration, and Education

This comprehensive report highlights the manufacturing technology and workforce development innovations underway at the manufacturing innovation institutes that are part of Manufacturing USA®. Institutes work with members from the manufacturing industry, academia, government...

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In 2017, MxD and ManpowerGroup released a digital workforce taxonomy, a groundbreaking analysis that identified 165 new data-centric manufacturing jobs—roles like “collaborative robotics technician” and “predictive maintenance systems specialist.”

The workforce playbook includes job role descriptions and educational requirements for each role...