MFG USA Highlights Report
Highlighting Manufacturing Innovation, Collaboration, and Education

This comprehensive report highlights the manufacturing technology and workforce development innovations underway at the manufacturing innovation institutes that are part of Manufacturing USA®. Institutes work with members from the manufacturing industry, academia, government...

RAND Corp ARM Report
Robotics, Workforce

Manufacturing in the United States has experienced a bit of a renaissance of late, with a notable increase in the number of individuals employed in manufacturing since 2010. Many experts expect additional job opportunities in manufacturing as large numbers of existing workers retire and advancing technologies, such as robotics, create new positions...

Biomanufacturing, Biopharmaceutical, Education, Workforce

The biopharmaceutical industry makes a substantial impact on the health, well-being, and economic prosperity of the nation. The industry develops and manufactures life-changing therapies for patients and contributes significantly to the U.S. economy. Currently, the industry accounts for nearly $800B of total economic activity per year and directly...

Manufacturing USA
Defense, Economy, Impact, Innovation, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Jobs, Network, Public Private Partnerships, Reports, Workforce

The Manufacturing USA Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016 describes the program’s work in helping to move discoveries in the nation’s universities and research laboratories to the shop floor here in America. It highlights the nine Manufacturing USA institutes that were active in Fiscal Year 2016, and documents the network's progress toward...

White House
Economy, Security, Workforce

“Manufacturing plays an outsized role in the U.S. economy: from the greatest economic multiplier of any other sector, to the creation of four (4) additional jobs for every manufacturing job, it is clear that the manufacturing sector is a critical driver to our country’s prosperity and security. These economic impacts grow as we add next-generation...