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Additive Manufacturing, Biomanufacturing, COVID-19, Digital Manufacturing, Fabrics, Flexible Hybrid Electronics, Lightweight Materials, Photonics, Process Intensification, Workforce
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way manufacturers recruit, train and develop their workforce. Long term, this shift will work in manufacturers' favor as online learning is also key to developing the skills necessary to leverage the emerging technologies that will give rise to the advanced manufacturing economy of the future.
IndustryWeek COVID-19 MFG USA
Additive Manufacturing, Biomanufacturing, COVID-19, Digital Manufacturing
The COVID-19 pandemic created a ripple effect for U.S. manufacturers that revealed not only a lack of redundancy in the supply chain but also a lack of transparency. As the pandemic took hold, worldwide demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) dramatically increased and many material and product costs skyrocketed. It quickly became apparent...
NIIMBL Research

The goal of this NIIMBL project is to align this powerful technology with the most urgent needs of biopharma. This will include evaluating assay performance with Tier 1 partner samples. In addition, based on input from working groups with Tier 1 partners, we will determine the optimal software tools required for analysis of the resulting cIEF and...

NIIMBL workforce Development
Biopharmaceutical, Workforce

Automated bioprocess test beds will be designed and implemented across three sites. Each test bed will consist of process Sensors and software for Process control, Integration, Data analysis, process Evolution, and Reporting. The test beds in the SPIDER Network will be used for training that addresses automation topics relevant to engineering...