AIM Photonics Seminar with Dr. Tingyi Gu


United States

Join us for our upcoming seminar where Dr. Tingyi Gu from the University of Delaware will present “How to Build an Active ‘Meta’ System with AIM Silicon Photonics.” Register to attend in person or online.

In recent years, rapid advancement of meta-surface and meta-materials reveal the potential of nanophotonics in applications ranging from image processing/conversion to controlled light-matter interactions. In this talk, Tingyi Gu, assistant professor in the electrical engineering department at the University of Delaware, will progressively illustrate the powerful role of the meta-atoms, meta-surface, and meta-system in an integrated photonic platform to enable the control of nonHermicity and perform mathematical conversion to machine learning, respectively. In addition to the materials currently offered by AIM Photonics, Tingyi Gu will extend the scope of heterogeneous integration to include new material families as potential candidates for further development of active meta-silicon photonics for next-generation optical computing and thermal management.

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