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It’s safe to say that most, if not all of us, have had our lives significantly disrupted in the last couple of months. As the pandemic ‘rules of engagement’ loosen, and economies begin to restart, I believe we’ll begin to see more clearly what the mid to long-term impact will be for each of us. What’s clear is that there’s no modern-day precedent...


Hear CESMII and RAPID’s CEOs as part of an ASME Congressional briefing on the innovative work being done to revamp U.S. supply chains in the face of COVID-19. The panel of experts discusses how, from workforce development to data analytics, automation and new ways to exchange real-time manufacturing data, the U.S. must provide more robust, real...

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Dear CESMII Colleagues,

We are in unprecedented times. At CESMII, we recognize the very real impact and disruption that concerns over the COVID-19 virus have on lives – within our ecosystem and all around the world. We take these concerns seriously and are taking steps to keep our employees, members and partners safe, including instituting a work...

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In a recent demonstration of the vendor-agnostic Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) from CESMII, project partners first helped managers of North Carolina State University’s water purification plant get off the dime and analyze the data they were collecting with smart instruments.

“Automation has been going on for more than 100 years,”...

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As manufacturing undergoes the revolutionary changes of the Digital Age, the people with the keenest leadership skills have taken up the charge to modernize the industry so that it leverages the cloud and Big Data and is connected and smart. Their success encourages the rest of the manufacturing world to follow.

To assemble this list of leaders...