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Dear CESMII Colleagues,

We are in unprecedented times. At CESMII, we recognize the very real impact and disruption that concerns over the COVID-19 virus have on lives – within our ecosystem and all around the world. We take these concerns seriously and are taking steps to keep our employees, members and partners safe, including instituting a work...

Smart Manufacturing

CESMII - the Smart Manufacturing Institute today introduced of a new class of projects available to Institute members and prospective members, further enhancing their access to Institute-developed technologies, training and CESMII Smart Manufacturing Platform™ infrastructure. Members and prospective members are free at anytime to submit proposals...

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CESMII - the Smart Manufacturing Institute announced plans to formally launch an Affinity Group focused on the needs of small-to-medium sized manufacturing enterprises. This announcement is a continuation of the institute’s efforts to engage and empower smaller manufacturers, further demonstrated by CESMII’s previous commitment to make institute...

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As manufacturing undergoes the revolutionary changes of the Digital Age, the people with the keenest leadership skills have taken up the charge to modernize the industry so that it leverages the cloud and Big Data and is connected and smart. Their success encourages the rest of the manufacturing world to follow.

To assemble this list of leaders...

Connected World
Smart Manufacturing

In today’s connected world, manufacturing remains far from untouched as waves of change from IoT (Internet of Things) technologies crash over society and industry. Smart manufacturing refers to the digitization and connectedness of manufacturing, creating a fully integrated network of all aspects of production—including fabrication, supply chain...



CESMII announces two (2) Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for institute roadmap projects. These RFPs are the final two waves of CESMII's second round of project requests (RFP2) launched in mid-2019. The areas of interest for these RFP waves will focus on:

improving the core capabilities and addressing gaps in the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation...