What Institute Members Say

"NIIMBL is enabling development of training programs related to the manufacture of important new therapeutic modalities, like gene therapy. The resulting training opportunities will benefit patients by accelerating the path of these innovative medicines to the clinic."

Gary Gilleski, Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center, North Carolina State University


"The success of our company also depends on the success of our suppliers. Thousands of small businesses work with us daily, and they have to be successful for us to be successful. That has been part of the value proposition of MxD."

Ademola Idowu, Senior Research Scientist & Innovation Program Lead, Dow


"We are involved because one of the single most important things PowerAmerica is doing is changing the mind-set of the customer community. When a PowerAmerica project demonstrates a first, it gets the attention of the users."

John Palmour, CTO, Wolfspeed, a Cree Company


"Ashland's participation in the project enabled us to establish networks with innovative modeling companies, leading to new business opportunities as a resin supplier for three other IACMI projects. As an IACMI member, we’ve had the opportunity to leverage shared funds and existing equipment at Michigan State University, Zoltek, and UDRI. By using these existing resources, we didn’t have to buy the equipment and have reduced our learning curve"

Joe Fox, Director of Emerging & External Technologies, Ashland Composites


"Praxair has a long history of smart manufacturing, using new technology to reduce our cost to deliver products to our customers. We see the technology developments enabled by the partner ecosystem created by CESMII as a means to uncover the next generation of energy-saving innovations."

Lawrence Megan, Director, Praxair Digital


"REMADE is a model public-private partnership that is solving technical challenges and making it possible to conserve and repurpose significantly more manufacturing resources. We are excited to be working with REMADE to help advance a more circular economy for plastics and help our industry meet its commitment to recycle and recover all plastic packaging in the U.S. by 2040."

Steve Russell, Vice President, Plastics Division, American Chemical Council


"Membership and active participation in the RAPID manufacturing institute has been the key catalyst for introducing the concepts of process intensification into our corporation and for our successful collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh."

Clifford Kowall, Lubrizol Corporation


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