How We Work

The Manufacturing USA network has 17 manufacturing innovation institutes. These institutes are public-private partnerships that each have a distinct technology focus but work toward a common goal: to secure the future of U.S. manufacturing through innovation, education, and collaboration.

Manufacturing USA: Securing America's Manufacturing Future
Manufacturing USA: Securing America's Manufacturing Future


Through these national institutes, industry, academia, and government partners are leveraging existing resources, collaborating, and co-investing to nurture manufacturing innovation and accelerate commercialization. Each institute is designed to be a membership organization that provides vision, leadership, and resources to its members.

Manufacturing USA connects people, ideas, and technology to solve industry-relevant advanced manufacturing challenges. Its goals are to enhance industrial competitiveness, increase economic growth, reduce energy use, and strengthen U.S. national security. Reaching across industries, Manufacturing USA brings members of the manufacturing community together to overcome technical hurdles and to enable innovative new products though the institutes. It seeks to restore U.S. preeminence in manufacturing by addressing shared manufacturing technology and workforce challenges.

The Manufacturing USA program is the key enabler for establishing new institutes and the collaboration and knowledge sharing of existing institutes. Our goal is to establish an innovation community that ushers in the next generation of manufacturers, manufacturing supply chains, workforce development programs, and technological centers of excellence to the U.S. economy.

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