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Investment of $5.9M aimed at improving competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing

Today, the REMADE Institute announced the selection of 12 projects dedicated to improving the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing. Magdi Azer, REMADE’s Chief Technology Officer, stated, “The selection process was highly competitive. We received many comprehensive...

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The REMADE Institute is proud to announce the selection of its first public-private partnership projects focused on driving down the cost of technologies needed to reuse, remanufacture and recycle materials such as metals, fibers, polymers and electronic waste.

The 17 selected projects have a total value of $10 million, comprised of cost-share...

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REMADE, a Manufacturing USA Institute headquartered in Rochester, is leading the way in redefining what it means to be a manufacturer. Short for Reducing Embodied Energy and Decreasing Emissions, REMADE is a consortium of research and industry resources that specialize in materials manufacturing and energy efficiency.

Golisano Institute for...

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An expert recently explained why North American e-plastics processing could be a component of a wider effort to reduce energy use in U.S. manufacturing. And he outlined steps for progress.

The Remade Institute is a government-funded initiative researching avenues to reduce energy use in American manufacturing. One key way is through boosting...

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U.S. manufacturing becomes even larger and more competitive when people and technology work together to create products for the world.

In our ever-changing world, technology is weaving together different sectors and applications, resulting in tremendous new opportunities. As Manufacturing USA® institutes, we work with our federal agency sponsors...

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REMADE is thrilled to welcome more new members! The logos below represent the broad network of REMADE members.

The REMADE Institute's newest members are: Ohio State University, University of Illinois, Colorado School of Mines, Texas Tech University, Green Blue Institute, EDX Magnetics,...