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Individual institutes are changing the tempo of technology commercialization, making it faster, smarter and smoother.  Let’s partner together.

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Institute partners work together to advance technology, accelerate innovation and create the next generation manufacturing workforce. Each institute is a public-private partnership jointly funded by the federal government and private industry. Our goal is for every institute to be fully self-sustaining without government funding within five years of the initial seed funding.

As the Manufacturing USA network grows, it elevates opportunities in regions across the country.  Explore the full Institute network.

Each institute profits from partnership with:

  • A network of large, medium and small manufacturers; engineering firms, nonprofits, academic institutions; and local state and federal government partners.
  • Shared R&D and intellectual property
  • Access to equipment and facilities
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Visionary workforce development and training


“Working with LIFT to experiment and conduct R&D without relocating people or stopping production has allowed us to 'try before buy.'" – Medium Sized Iron Casting Manufacturer and LIFT member


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