Modern Makers are individuals whose sense of purpose embodies the Manufacturing USA mission to secure the future of U.S. manufacturing through innovation, education, and collaboration. We celebrate the inspirational yet relatable stories from college students to executives, who are at work in our ecosystem at manufacturing innovation institutes and member companies.

Meet the Modern Makers

Meet the Modern Makers who were nominated by the Manufacturing USA institutes and who help power the Manufacturing USA ecosystem:

Brenna Schneider

Entrepreneur, economic impact champion, nature lover


Ashley Totin

Additive manufacturing force, TV host, Lego enthusiast

America Makes

Aeon Williams

Programmer, gamer, cosplay character creator

AIM Photonics

Rodrigo Perez

Mechanical engineer, tech in manufacturing, athlete


Adonis Summerville

Machining Mentor, Muscle Car Fanatic, Pool Player


Fatima Majid

Robotics instructor, STEM advocate, Sci-Fi fan


John Williams, Ph.D.

R&D standout, teacher, scouting dad who leads tank wars


Victor Veliadis

Institute leader, Power semiconductor innovator, Karate Black Belt


John Louka

Application engineer, puzzle solver, tinkerer


Lance Miller

Aspiring engineer, contest winner, performer


Rachel Swamy

Biomedical engineer, future bioinformatics designer, lifetime learner


John Kreckel

Connector, sustainability advocate, outdoor enthusiast


Maria Araujo

Technology architect, global tourist, local cyclist


Kim Lemay

Operations Specialist, Safety Guru, Soccer Mom


Jim DeKloe

Biotech pioneer, teacher, community advocate


Tymeeka Middleton

Builder of cyber careers, veteran transitions, and decadent desserts


We hope Modern Makers' stories inspire you to consider a career in manufacturing. There is an estimated 4 million manufacturing positions to fill by 2030.

Infographic depicting the need to fill 4 million manufacturing jobs by 2030. Graphic provided by: Deloitte analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and estimates from the Deloitte economic analysis using the Oxford Global Economic Model.

Pathways to Manufacturing Careers

Today's manufacturing jobs offer high-paying opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of fast-growing fields. Driven by a renewed investment in U.S. manufacturing innovation, the growth potential for these jobs is high – more than 1.3 million manufacturing jobs have been added to the U.S. economy over the past decade. These jobs require skills that many Americans already have and don't necessarily need a college or advanced degree to do, making it easier to upgrade to a manufacturing career than you might think.

Three Ways to Start a Career in Manufacturing:

Step 1

Learn More

Explore advanced manufacturing careers and resources through the institutes’ websites or others in your region.

Step 2

Find Training

Attend workshops, open houses, find courses, internships, apprenticeships, and more.

Step 3


Pursue a rewarding career in advanced manufacturing through countless open positions.


Hear from the Modern Makers

Graphic with photos of John Kreckel, Fatima Majid, and Kim Lemay. "Webinar: Pathways into High-Tech Jobs of the Future on September 14 at 2PM EST"
Manufacturing Jobs
Viewers will hear about exciting high-tech careers and the different pathways our three participants took through the Manufacturing USA ecosystem. Their stories are inspirational yet relatable: one who turned her sci-fi interests into a career as a robotics instructor; one who is an avid hiker and outdoorsman helping to advance more sustainable manufacturing technologies; and another who saw the massive potential in biomanufacturing. They will