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IACMI are pleased to announce the following member representatives who have been elected to serve two-year terms (2024-2025) on the IACMI Consortium Council. The Council manages the activities and affairs of the IACMI Consortium, including strategic planning, annual budgets, technical plans, projects and IACMI management practices.


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The Manufacturing USA institutes and supporting Federal agencies were exceptionally busy with their partners, members, and community organizers during this year’s Manufacturing Month. Several institutes lead or participated in events that will have strong local and national impacts for years to come. What follows are a few highlights:


The Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office held its annual Manufacturing USA Network Meeting on May 25 in Washington, DC. There were over 100 participants with representatives from each of the institutes and funding agencies attending nine unique sessions throughout the day.

Dr. Monica Gorman, Special Assistant to the President for...


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Today, leaders from the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Energy; and the National Science Foundation; and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for the Advancement of Semiconductor Technology (Natcast) gathered at the White House to announce over $5 billion in expected investment in the CHIPS R&D program, including the National...

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Photo of a group of casting and forging professionals at a foundry.
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“Remember Goldilocks—not too fast, not too slow, just right. You ready?” That’s Dr. Bob Voigt, a Materials Science and Engineering professor at Penn State University , coaching me on my first casting experience.

I’m wearing a reflective silver suit from head to toe, high-temperature gloves, and a face shield. Minutes before, I’d been scooping sand...