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The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, through a partnership with its fellow Manufacturing USA® Institutes and led by Nextflex®, has been awarded funding from the Office of Naval Research for new manufacturing workforce education activities. The ARM Institute has partnered with Pittsburgh-based members, New Century Careers and...

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The AmSkills Manufacturing Career Discovery Workshop and Bootcamp was created as a fast-track program to recruit and assess candidates for manufacturers to hire into entry-level positions. The one-day workshop and two-week Bootcamp utilizes the AmSkills Mobile Workshop and sets-up a temporary workshop at a local community center located in a low...


The ARM Institute is the nation’s leading collaborative in robotics and workforce innovation. Structured as a public-private partnership, the organization accelerates transformative robotic technologies and education to increase U.S. global manufacturing competitiveness. Founded in January 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA by Carnegie Mellon University as an...

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Manufacturing is key to securing America’s future, and with Industry 4.0 in full swing, US companies need to act quickly adopt automation and robotics to remain competitive. Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) seeks to ease this burden by identifying the most critical technology and workforce problems and issuing project calls to its base of...

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Governments worldwide are partnering with industry and academia to boost research into the field of printed and flexible electronics. For example, the European Union (EU) has put considerable financial resources into a host of projects. In the US, the most notable project is NextFlex, which is helping to advance manufacturing capabilities for...

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In the middle of the Monongahela (or “Mon”) Valley in Pennsylvania, innovation is underway for at least one manufacturing company. This is likely to be the case all around the region that surrounds Pittsburgh, which was once known as “Steel City” and is now being dubbed “Roboburgh.”

On one of the nearly 3,000 recent Manufacturing Day tours, dozens...