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This past year brought the country and our world unprecedented challenges, which now present opportunities to innovate and build a new path forward. Using lessons from this year, the manufacturing industry is poised to undergo a transformation.

Supporting this work are the institutes that are part of Manufacturing USA®, a national network of public...

On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate all that is made in America and recognize the importance of our Nation’s manufacturers to every aspect of our lives. From the electronics we rely on, to the safely packaged foods we eat, to the clothing we wear, to the appliances and furniture in our homes, to the cars we drive — American manufacturing is...

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The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute announced that two more educational organizations have been evaluated and selected to receive the ARM Endorsement for academic program excellence in robotics education for manufacturing. The ARM Institute launched its endorsement process earlier this year in conjunction with the launch of Robo...

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Manufacturers who seek employees with certain competencies can use the competency framework that ARM has created as well. Likewise, training providers developing new robotics programs can rely on competency frameworks for curricula and education benchmarks.

“The biggest challenge we see is that technology advancements are outpacing workforce...

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Smart Manufacturing

One of the main promises of Industry 4.0 is to use digital technology to harness data to unlock business value from machines. The vision of “smart manufacturing” has been partially realized through digital technology and its seamless and efficient connection of the Industrial Internet of Things (IloT). Manufacturers now employ various levels of...


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The ARM Institute has two active Project Calls:

ARM-TEC-21-03: This Technology Project Call is based on several specific priorities provided by the Department of the Air Force in manufacturing and sustainment and features two Special Topic Areas: (1) Augmented Reality for Manufacturing & Sustainment and (2) Depot Factory AI Robotics. We will host...