The ARM Institute is pleased to announce the promotion of two team members to executive positions: Dr. Charles (Chuck) Brandt has been promoted from Vice President, Technical Initiatives to Chief Technology Officer and Suzanne (Suzy) Teele has been promoted from Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Outreach to Chief Strategy Officer.



Go to Manufacturing Day 2022

Manufacturing Day 2022


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The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, or ARM, Institute today said it has selected a project team to develop a virtual reality prototype for assessing and credentialing manufacturing workers.

The project is intended to demonstrate how VR and other technologies can help workers earn credentials based upon the knowledge, skill, and abilities (KSAs...

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Chart depicting the innovation valley of death on the technology readiness level scale.
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The U.S. outspends other nations in research and development and continues to lead the world in innovations and inventions. However, new products are often “stranded in the lab” when we don't have the manufacturing capability, or get developed in other countries such as China, Germany, and South Korea that invest more aggressively in manufacturing...


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The ARM Institute has now publicly released our 22-01 Technology Project Call. There are several unique and new aspects to our Technology Project Call, including:

Project teams can request up to $1M per project. A minimum 1:1 cost share is required for all submissions. The overall ARM budget for this project call will be approximately $10M. This...