Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM), a Manufacturing USA® institute, is honored to be named as a Pittsburgh Tech 50 finalist in the Innovator of the Year: Community Tech category. This is a new category for 2019 that celebrates Pittsburgh technology companies dedicated to helping the community. Now in its 23rd year, the Annual Tech 50 honors...

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Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM), a Manufacturing USA institutes, announces the selection of 11 new education and workforce development projects, awarded to members of its national consortium. Pending final negotiations, ARM plans to provide more than $2.2M in funding for a total investment of approximately $7.8M across the 11 projects.


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Governments worldwide are partnering with industry and academia to boost research into the field of printed and flexible electronics. For example, the European Union (EU) has put considerable financial resources into a host of projects. In the US, the most notable project is NextFlex, which is helping to advance manufacturing capabilities for...

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History is marked by times of innovation that change the job landscape, which can create challenges for manufacturers and employees caught up in the accelerating pace of automation. We know we are living in the fourth industrial revolution, and robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the core of this transformation — and of this challenge....