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Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) is proud to announce the conclusion of the 2022 Advanced Functional Fabric (AFF) Product Development Challenge with the Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS). Recent material and manufacturing breakthroughs have enabled the design and production of advanced functional fabrics that see, hear, sense...

Manufacturing USA’s program office along with 7 manufacturing innovation institutes attended the Smart Manufacturing eXperience (SMX) in “Steel City,” Pittsburg, PA. With a focus on combating the challenges and opportunities to adopt smart manufacturing technologies faced by small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) and others in the industry...


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Loomia Technologies is partnering with Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) to develop highly tactile, heated handwear that could be applicable to both commercial/recreational and military customers.

For this collaborative project, Loomia will provide technology to be used in a heated glove insert, while AFFOA will lead customer discovery...

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Through a partnership with Catawba Valley Community College’s Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) and Gaston College’s Textile Technology Center (TTC) comes the birth of the Manufacturing & Textile Innovation Network (MTIN).

The partnership of these two centers is a vision of Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, president of Catawba Valley Community College and...

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Chart depicting the innovation valley of death on the technology readiness level scale.
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The U.S. outspends other nations in research and development and continues to lead the world in innovations and inventions. However, new products are often “stranded in the lab” when we don't have the manufacturing capability, or get developed in other countries such as China, Germany, and South Korea that invest more aggressively in manufacturing...