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In 2017, MxD and ManpowerGroup released a digital workforce taxonomy, a groundbreaking analysis that identified 165 new data-centric manufacturing jobs—roles like “collaborative robotics technician” and “predictive maintenance systems specialist.”

The workforce playbook includes job role descriptions and educational requirements for each role...

COVID-19, Digital Manufacturing

With most states relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, factories around the U.S. are coming back online. But there are challenges when restarting manufacturing facilities that have been shut down for months on end.

You can’t just flip a switch to get everything back to normal.

Most manufacturers already know that. They have shutdown and startup...

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Digital Manufacturing

Every election cycle seems focused on how to bring long-lost manufacturing jobs back to the United States, but the facts on the ground are a bit more complicated.

A 2018 Urban League report shows that the percentage of manufacturing jobs in the workforce has fallen considerably from above 30 percent in 1960 to around 10 percent in 2015, and is...

Connected World
Digital Manufacturing

While 2019 had the highest number on record of women in senior management roles, we are still desperate for more females to fill leadership positions in many industries and in the tech space in general. Enter the eighth annual Women of Technology and IoT 2020 list, which is comprised of notable women who are powerful, smart, and tech savvy across a...

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