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Vericel has been driving innovation since the company formed (as Biosurface Technology in the late 1980s) based on technology developed by Dr. Howard Green at MIT and Harvard Medical School. Vericel develops, manufactures, and markets autologous cell-based therapies for patients with serious diseases and conditions in sport medicine and severe burn...

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“Sudhin Biopharma Company became familiar with ARMI during several networking meetings at NIIMBL and heard your CTO, Thomas Bollenbach, speak about ARMI at the conference on the “Business of Regenerative Medicine” at U Penn Medicine last summer, 2018,” said Dhinakar Kompala, Founder & CEO, adding “We discussed the benefits of joining ARMI with Tom...


A national initiative to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields by bringing 2.5 million girls into the STEM pipeline over the next eight years was announced by the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) in 2017. “Girl Scouts has the largest pipeline of future female leaders available, and no place is this more important than in STEM fields,” said GSUSA CEO...


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WPI Symposium on Advanced Biomanufacturing


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Bioengineering, Biomanufacturing

HHS launched on Monday the nation’s first Foundry for American Biotechnology for producing technological solutions that help protect against and respond to health security threats, as well as improve daily medical care and bolster the bioeconomy.

The HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response is working in conjunction with...

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Inside one of the new labs at the University of New Hampshire’s Manchester campus on a recent afternoon, assistant professor of biotechnology Kristen Johnson and two students evaluated genes as part of pancreatic cancer research.

The process is known as quantitative polymerase chain reaction, or qPCR.

“We are looking at various aspects of...

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There is growing awareness that the long-standing unmet need for specific counting of therapeutic tissue stem cells has been and continues to be a significant impediment to progress in stem cell therapy, gene and gene editing therapies (because targeting tissue stem cells is essential for durable one-time treatments), and drug development (because...