ARM March 2021 Project Highlight
Automation, Manufacturing, Robotics

The ARM (robotics institute) technology Project “Automated Defect Inspection for Complex Metallic Parts” has yielded impressive results, including detection rates above 95%, a speed of approximately one minute per part, and an expected 345% return on investment if deployed at one site. GKN Aerospace is adopting the technology, and has already built...

ARM project highlight
Robotics, Workforce

This ARM Institute funded Education & Workforce Development (EWD) project created a new training pipeline for transitioning military and veterans, resulting in 18 project participants completing this training.

Through this ARM project, Impact Washington (IW) and Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS), a Washington State Advanced...

NMU 2040018 Industry Week Feb 21 Header
Additive Manufacturing, Biomanufacturing, COVID-19, Digital Manufacturing, Fabrics, Flexible Hybrid Electronics, Lightweight Materials, Photonics, Process Intensification, Workforce
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way manufacturers recruit, train and develop their workforce. Long term, this shift will work in manufacturers' favor as online learning is also key to developing the skills necessary to leverage the emerging technologies that will give rise to the advanced manufacturing economy of the future.
Lifeline Firehose
Lightweight Materials
Traditional air packs that firefighters wear provide oxygen for about 45 minutes. The tanks are bulky and heavy and restrict movement in or access to confined spaces. By giving firefighters a virtually unlimited air supply, the Lifeline Firehose could change how first responders approach fire scenes. The groundbreaking technology uses a patented...