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College & University Faculty Team Concludes Series of Recommendations Addressing Competencies and Workforce Strategies for New Lightweighting Technologies

Higher education and industry need to work together to adapt current curricula to reflect the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in work environments deploying new lightweighting...

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Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, a Manufacturing USA institute, announced today it successfully aided Lifeline Firehose with the production of a state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible for a firehose to deliver both breathable air and water/foam simultaneously. The technology is being launched initially on a Grand Ledge Area Fire...

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Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI) has shipped North America’s first linear friction welder capable of full sized part development to the LIFT – Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow - in Detroit where it will contribute to cutting edge lightweighting research in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

First linear friction welder capable of full...

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Youngstown East is one of only three high schools in the country selected to be part of a pilot program to teach students advanced manufacturing -- because manufacturing no longer means large buildings with assembly lines. Advanced manufacturing means learning about robots and 3D printing.

CEO Krish Mohip and teacher Jim Alexi explained the...

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Lightweighting isn’t new to the auto industry, but it’s finally mature enough to make a significant impact on manufacturers, drivers and the whole planet.

Even if you’re not a car aficionado, you can see why the Chevy Corvette C2—aka the Stingray—is re­vered among the pantheon of American automo­tive manufacturing. Sleek. Classy. And fast. Really,...