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NextFlex are delighted to be starting their fifth year of FlexFactor in Santa Clara County, Calif., utilizing a virtual platform that continues to provide students with an engagement in education and career pathways that lead to the advanced manufacturing sector. To date, 3,209 K12 students have completed FlexFactor locally, with the support of...

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Earlier this year we could not have imagined what 2020 held in store for us and what that would mean for member events. Along with an advisory committee comprised of members and government, we decided to convert our annual member meeting to a virtual version due to the pandemic. It’s not what we would have chosen but it’s what we needed to do.


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U.S. manufacturing has hit a “make or break” point where it must be creative and think differently if it is to survive and flourish. Even with manufacturing hitting a 14-month high in May, it still faces challenges, both from COVID-19 and global competition, particularly in places like China. To facilitate American manufacturing growth and revival...

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Running a manufacturing facility during a pandemic is no easy feat and companies around the Bay Area are slowly adapting to incorporate Covid-19 protocols into their everyday production practices.

Gene Russell, CEO and president of Manex Consulting, says that opening can come with some challenges.

“Most are finding distancing to be the largest...

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A career in manufacturing is boring.

The perception that manufacturing means doing the same thing day after day, is wrong! In many manufacturing companies, there is a constant introduction of new products, new processes and new things to learn including the latest state of the art technology.

Manufacturing environments are old, dirty and dingy.