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On October 11, at Jabil Blue Sky Innovation Center in San Jose, over 125 high school students gathered to learn more about how they can pursue careers in manufacturing. Students from around Silicon Valley – representing Lincoln, Yerba Buena, Piedmont, Overfelt, Metro Ed, Leigh, and Fremont, Cupertino and Monta Vista High Schools – toured the...

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NextFlex co-hosted the 4th bi-annual FlexFactor Finals: Silicon Valley in partnership with Evergreen Valley College. During the finals, teams of students who participated in FlexFactor during the Spring 2019 semester were chosen to advance to the final event, where they delivered streamlined versions of their original pitches.

Teams who...

Flexbile Hybrid Electronics

NextFlex, a Manufacturing USA institute, held its latest workshop entitled, “FHE for Defense Applications,” at Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center in Arlington, VA, June 12-13. Attended by 102 industry, academia, and government partners, the workshop focused on three strategic areas for the Department of Defense: Microelectronics Assembly and...

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Flexbile Hybrid Electronics

As a member of the Manufacturing USA national institutes, NextFlex is the home for developing manufacturing capabilities for flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), from health care to sensors and much more. Formed in 2015 as a partnership between the US Department of Defense and FlexTech Alliance, NextFlex has an interest in governmental applications.


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Flexbile Hybrid Electronics, Workforce

NextFlex, a Manufacturing USA institute focused on flexible hybrid electronics, hosted five high school interns for six weeks this summer in partnership with the Silicon Valley Organization’s Strive Internship program. Students came from a variety of schools across the San Jose Unified and East Side Unified High School Districts, representing grade...