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Dr. Doris Taylor, CEO Organamet Bio Inc., is developing a groundbreaking way to engineer personalized hearts using a patient's own stem cells. She is a member of the Leadership Advisory Council of BioFabUSA, a Manufacturing USA institute.

Bioengineering, Biofabrication, Biomanufacturing

President Biden unveiled a plan to expand biomanufacturing, and biotechnology with $2 billion pledged for a variety of efforts last week. Some of these initiatives may have special appeal to North Carolina’s growing life science sector.

Nearly 800 life sciences companies employ some 70,000 people in the state, according to the N.C. Biotechnology...

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The US government will invest over $2 billion to launch its biomanufacturing initiative, which aims to expand manufacturing capacity in the country and ensure pandemic preparedness.

The Executive Order was signed by President Biden on Monday and outlines the key goals of the biomanufacturing initiative. Overall, the Order looks to strengthen the...