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Two Department of Defense manufacturing innovation institutes in the Manufacturing USA network have announced new women leaders. BioMADE, the DoD manufacturing innovation institute established in 2020, announced the hiring of its inaugural Chief Technology Officer, Melanie Tomczak. As CTO, Tomczak will develop, support, and oversee BioMADE...

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The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has awarded nearly $54 million in grants for 13 high-impact projects for research, development and testbeds for pandemic response. The funding, which was provided by the American Rescue Act, will support projects at eight manufacturing innovation institutes in...

One year ago, President Biden signed Executive Order 14017 directing an all-of-government approach to assessing vulnerabilities in – and strengthening the resilience of – the United States’ critical supply chains. Within six months of taking office, the Administration completed a comprehensive review of the supply chains for four critical products...


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Some of the images from the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic are indelible: doctors and nurses wearing garbage bags instead of gowns and reusing the same protective mask for days at a time; homemade plastic face shields replacing professional-grade models; live coverage of deliveries of personal protective equipment to hard-hit hospitals. The...

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Minnesota became a hub of the global Bio Revolution following the launch of BioMADE in April. BioMADE is an independent, nonprofit manufacturing innovation institute headquartered on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul Campus, with $87.5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Defense and more than $180 million in support from nearly 100...

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The manufacturing skills gap in the U.S. could result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030, according to a study by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte. Finding workers with the right skills has been one of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing sector for more than a decade.

Manufacturing has long been a driver of innovation and...