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We are a plant-based synthetic biotechnology company focused on engineering innovations that help our customers meet their sustainability goals. We use our PlantSpring™ technology platform to unleash the natural capabilities of the plant to sustainably...


Readiness level frameworks such as technology readiness levels and manufacturing readiness levels describe the status of a technology or manufacturing process on its journey from initial conception to commercial deployment. More importantly, they provide a roadmap to guide technology development and scale-up from a ‘‘totality of system’’ approach....

Highlighting Manufacturing Innovation, Collaboration, and Education

This report highlights the manufacturing technology and workforce development innovations underway at the Manufacturing USA institutes which are delivering value for manufacturers and the American public.

Institutes work with members from the manufacturing industry, academia...

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Manufacturing, Sustainability

Fossil energy stakeholders have a new reason to worry. During the last weeks of the Trump administration, the US Department of Defense announced that it had lent some of its financial muscle to BioMADE, a sprawling program aimed at accelerating the growth of a domestic bioeconomy. One of the first shoes to drop is a a dandelion-based rubber...

Bioengineering, Biomanufacturing

The Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, launched a multimillion-dollar, multiyear program with BioMADE, Farmed Materials and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 2022 to develop a domestic source of natural rubber from a specific species of dandelion.

Natural rubber is a crucial element in the Department of the Air Force’s production of...

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Industry is among the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the U.S., producing an estimated 24 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA. While great progress has been made – greenhouse gas emissions from industry, including electricity generation, have declined by 22 percent since 1990 – in many cases, alternative production...