BioMADE Software Services Webinar: Aclid, De Novo DNA, and Lattice Automation


United States

Aclid provides a DNA threat screening service to identify pathogenic or toxic elements in sequences. We help gene synthesis providers and foundries comply with guidelines and regulations to protect their liability. Our threat screening service can be augmented with purpose-built datasets for antimicrobial resistance and allergen screens as well as accommodate screening of whole-genome sequences in complex samples.

Design Platform for Engineering Organisms from De Novo DNA
Over 10,000 researchers have used De Novo DNA's platform to rationally engineer their genetic systems. Predict transcription rates, translation rates, mRNA decay rates. Design parts & systems to optimize multiple protein expression levels. Achieve targeted organism functions without trial-and-error experimentation.

SeqViz from Lattice Automation
SeqViz is a free, open-source, interactive sequence visualization library for DNA, RNA, and protein sequences. It renders restriction enzymes, translations, annotations, and let’s user select elements and ranges within the sequence.

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