BioMADE Software Services Webinar: Citrine Informatics, Invert, R2DIO


United States

The Citrine Platform combines domain-specific artificial intelligence and smart data management infrastructure to accelerate the development and deployment of higher performing, more sustainable materials, chemicals, and manufactured products. Machine learning models predict materials and chemicals performance from processing, composition, and synthesis data, suggesting which experiments to run next to hit your targets. The Citrine Platform can be used to solve biomanufacturing problems at the interface of materials, chemicals, and biology.

Bioprocess Visualization Software from Invert Bio
The Invert platform visualizes bioprocess data at any scale. Users can import data of many types including online time series data, analytical testing, and strain engineering data. The Invert platform organizes assays and strain lineage from the perspective of a bioprocess run, allowing for a more robust analysis.

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