DRIVE AM – Laser Powder Bed Fusion Foundation

Additive Manufacturing

El Paso,
United States

This course will:

  • Identify the differences between PBF, LPBF vs EBPBF and the ability to explain working principle of LPBF
  • Demonstrate the capability to design for AM (DfAM) LPBF Metals
  • Ability to identify and employ software packages used for pre-processing (STL healing, orientation, part duplication, labeling, support generation)
  • Recognize the commonalities and differences on the primary components/systems of LPBF equipment from different vendors
  • Understand the commonalities for performing machine setups on different LPBF OEM/vendors
  • Ability to perform setup and maintain LPBF equipment using best industry practices
  • Show understanding of powder-laser (material-energy source) interaction; physical phenomena and effects on the LPBF process (print-wise, metallurgically, material properties)
  • Understand effects of process variables such as laser power, velocity, scanning strategy, shielding gas flow, etc.
  • Identify monitoring methods employed in LPBF including advantages and shortcomings
  • Ability to select print material for a given application performing cost-performance analysis
  • Identify the thermal post-processing techniques for a given material and required conditions as set in applicable standards
  • Recognize post-processing needs and methods required for LPBF components

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