'End-to-End’ Manufacturing Service by FasTech LLC.

Additive Manufacturing

United States

At FasTech, we can manufacture small to medium to large metal parts, fast - ideal for the aerospace, power generation, defense, and medical sectors. Based in Danville, VA we offer a complete range of services including 3D metal printing, 5 & 3-axis post machining, and reverse engineering. Using our GEFERTEC 3DMP® arc 605, AddiTec-MELTIO printing systems, and 5-axis milling and turning systems we can manufacture extremely large parts to very tight deadlines, often up to ten times faster than conventional additive manufacturing methods. In this webinar, we will show our holistic approach to manufacture metal components using two wire-DED processes, WAAM and LMD-w. We will also present the differences between these techniques and show scenarios where each one of these techniques can be used. Case-studies in steels, Titaniums, Inconels etc. will be illustrated.

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