LIFT's Operation Next Webinar #1


United States

What can you expect from Operation Next?

Webinar presented by Fatima A. Majid, Operation Next Program Manager

We know you have questions about transitioning out of your military career and into a new career path. As a Skillbridge-Approved and Department of Defense Funded program, our team understands your uncertainty and curiosity, and we’re here to help!

Join us for an informal, informational webinar every month as we answer your top program questions:

  • Am I eligible for Operation Next programs? What about my family?
  • How much do Operation Next training programs cost and will it interfere with my G.I. Bill education benefits?
  • What career paths and certifications are available to me through Operation Next?
  • How long does Operation Next training take and where can I take classes?
  • What job titles will I be eligible for and what type of salary can I earn?

Career pathway programs for active duty service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents


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