Manufacturing Through a Crisis: Fortifying Manufacturing Operations with Digital Technology

COVID-19, Digital Manufacturing, Workforce

United States

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many challenges to the U.S. manufacturing sector, emphasizing the need for an increased investment in digital technology. Join MxD and partners for a virtual technology showcase on Tuesday, November 10, that will provide actionable recommendations on how to utilize digital solutions to fortify your manufacturing operations. Attendees will hear an update on current state of the manufacturing industry; view virtual technology demonstrations, including MxD’s discrete testbed; and discuss crisis response strategies with peers.

The tech showcase will leverage discussions from the 5-part webinar series MxD and McKinsey & Company partnered on that brought critical information to the manufacturing industry about jump-starting operations during the COVID-19 crisis. The team covered high-priority concepts including building operations resilience, accelerating end-to-end digitization, increasing expense transparency, driving the future workforce, and reimagining a sustainable operations competitive advantage. Attendees can view the webinar series here, though it’s not necessary to participate in and gain value from the tech showcase.

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