NIIMBL 2023 National Meeting


Capital Hilton / Virtual
Washington, DC
United States

Innovation, collaboration, disruptive thinking – powerful words to describe an even more powerful event.

Engage in unparalleled conversations with other key thought leaders around the crucial topics facing our community with confidence that those discussions are protected by the umbrella of NIIMBL confidentiality. Debate, disagree, and find shared understanding with esteemed colleagues about challenges that impact innovation and learn about the latest technologies and ideas coming from within our community. Experience your status as a change-maker with a sphere of influence in the NIIMBL community. Join us this year.

The National Meeting is open to NIIMBL members and federal stakeholders only.   

April 18, 2023: Early Bird Registration Opens

June 5, 2023: Early Bird Registration Closes

June 19, 2023: In-person Registration Closes

June 29, 2023: Virtual Registration Closes

Additional details will be released soon. Learn More