Process Intensification and Process Scale-up: Gaps and Opportunities

Process Intensification

United States

Process intensification offers the potential for drastic improvements in equipment size, efficiency and carbon footprint. Technologies that exert greater control of process fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, and reaction kinetics offer the ability to achieve step changes in performance over conventional technology. This approach has already found commercial success exploiting these phenomena in niche separations and reactions, prominently in the area of specialty chemicals and products. In large-scale industrial processes such as refining and commodity chemicals, process scale-up is normally required to capture economies of scale for large production volumes.

Join Bryan Patel, ExxonMobil, for this 60-minute webinar where he will discuss industrial opportunities for the field of process intensification across different dimensions: the breadth and scope of applications, the scalability of applications, and the methodology for scale-up of PI processes. 

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