RAPIDxDIPPR DEPLOY Batch-To-Continuous: From Physical Properties to Process Design

Materials, Modular Chemical Processing

New Orlean, LA
United States

The RAPID DEPLOY Conference Series offers attendees an exclusive opportunity to engage in a mixture of invited talks and active workshop-style sessions culminating in a synthesis activity and an actionable report out. In partnership with the Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR®), the sixth in the series will focus on the use of physical properties for process design, particularly to enable transforming specialty chemical processes from batch to continuous. The meeting will focus on how to approach the measurement and predictive modeling of physical properties as a basis to use modern process simulation tools to design continuous processes. Particular emphases will be placed on addressing reactor operations and exploring industrial experience with the goal of bringing awareness of the tools, techniques, and methods available and how they can bring you and your process added value.

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