Webinar 2: Learning About "Innovation Projects"

Digital Manufacturing

United States

Innovation Projects are your opportunity to solve some real-world problems, and do it with an efficiency never before possible.  If you are a Manufacturer, a System Integrator or a Vendor in the industrial marketplace, then working with CESMII and Innovation Projects are your way to be a leader, helping to pave the way for a brighter industrial automation future.  Innovation Projects let you leverage the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform to achieve new levels of integration productivity.  You can work along with CESMII Members to leverage advanced manufacturing solutions.  The work that you, and others create in the form of CESMII Smart Manufacturing (SM) Profiles, will become value in the Smart Manufacturing Marketplace. 

Innovation Projects are designed to develop solutions to solve challenging manufacturing use cases.  Projects must bring value rapidly (approximately 3-6 months) and will be executed in an agile manner by an interdisciplinary team ideally led by a manufacturer. The project team will collaborate and develop a solution that includes information models (SM Profiles) and the layered applications necessary to solve your particular use case.

This is a real opportunity for you to take the next step in your digital transformation toward Smart Manufacturing, and CESMII will assist you with project collaboration, direction and co-funding.

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