Webinar: Smart Manufacturing for Food Safety and Traceability Webinar

Smart Manufacturing

United States

CESMII, in collaboration with the NIST Transformational Food Manufacturing Initiative, announces the formation of the CESMII Food Safety and Traceability Smart Manufacturing Affinity Group.  A CESMII Affinity Group is a consortium of leaders within a specific industry to work together to bring about SM changes and best practices.

 Please join us for as we present CESMII’s Vision and Plans on the need and implementation of Smart Manufacturing practices within the US Food and Beverage Sector.  

Preliminary Agenda

  • John Dyck, CESMII CEO:  Overview of CESMII and the Democratization of Smart Manufacturing
  • Dean Schneider, Texas A&M Energy Institute, Director of CESMII Southern Regional Manufacturing Center:  TFM and Smart Manufacturing objectives
  • Richard King, General Mills/SM Food Safety and Traceability Group Leader:  The Next Steps in Smart Manufacturing for the Food and Beverage Industry