Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Announces Selection of Eleven Technology Projects


Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM), a Manufacturing USA institute, announces the selection of 11 projects resulting from ARM’s second formal technology project call announced in May 2018.

ARM Robots

ARM projects strengthen U.S. manufacturing by addressing critical gaps in industrial and collaborative robot deployment and skills development to support plant automation.  ARM members from across the nation collaborate to form teams and bid on project calls, which are guided by industry need. Project teams typically consist of members from manufacturing, technology, academia and economic development.

Pending negotiation, ARM expects to award approximately $5.7 million USD in funding across these 11 projects, with each contributing a similar amount as cost share, for a total $11.4  million USD investment. To date, ARM has awarded 12 technology projects and 6 education and workforce development projects. When the negotiations are finalized for these 11 projects, ARM is expected to have a total of 29 projects in place since the organization’s formation in January 2017.  In addition, an education and workforce development project call is currently underway with awards expected in Spring 2019, and a new technology project call is scheduled for February 2019.