AIM Photonics Releases Process Design Kit (PDK)


AIM Photonics has announced the release of a new electronic interposer process design kit (PDK) developed to help designers create more packaging design options for advanced photonic integrated photonic circuits (PICs) that can be manufactured and packaged at the institute’s facilities in Albany and Rochester, NY.

“This new offering is in response to the demand from our members and customers for a more accessible source for electronic interposers,” said Colin McDonough, AIM Photonics’ 3D and Heterogeneous Integration Manager, who will be speaking on interposers next month at the 34th Annual Packaging Symposium at the Albany NanoTech Complex. “This is particularly important for our Department of Defense (DoD) partners who typically require their technologies be domestically developed and manufactured,” he added.

While not a completely new technology, the ability to domestically manufacture electronic interposers is limited primarily to high-volume manufacturers.

“As a research and development organization, it is imperative for our members and customers to have access to this technology for their prototyping designs in much lower volume,” said Amit Dikshit, AIM Photonics’ Design Enablement Manager.

AIM Photonics PDKs guide electronic photonic design automation (EPDA) from chip to package. Each PDK includes design guides, design rule checking decks, component libraries, and various plug-ins/scripts for designers to create photonic integrated circuit (PIC) prototypes to manufacture with AIM Photonics’ wafer fabrication services.