ARM Institute Funds Eleven New Technology Projects

Robotics, Workforce

The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute is pleased to announce the selection of eleven new technology projects. ARM Institute projects bridge the gap between industry, government, and academia to spur critical innovations in advanced robotics for manufacturing.

ARM Institute projects are selected from the Institute’s Project Calls that address critical areas of need in U.S. manufacturing. Project Calls are crafted in collaboration with the ARM Institute’s internal team of experts, ARM Members, and our Department of Defense collaborators.

The ARM Institute plans to award nearly $7.9M in project funding, for a total contribution of approximately $16.6M across these eleven projects. To date, the ARM Institute has invested in over 120 robotics technology and workforce development projects.

These projects were funded through an ARM Institute Technology Project Call (ARM-TEC-22-01), which focused on the following special topic areas:

  • Adaptive Real-Time Path Planning and Control
  • Human Action & Intention Prediction
  • Robot Learning
  • Feature and Pose Recognition and Estimation
  • Virtual Commissioning of Advanced Robotic Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data for Advanced Manufacturing Robotic Systems
  • Multi-Agent Motion Planning and Tasking for Discreet and Continuous Manufacturing Processes
  • Virtual Masking for Advanced Coating Applications.