ARMI | BioFabUSA New Member Spotlight: Vericel

Bioengineering, Biomanufacturing

Vericel has been driving innovation since the company formed (as Biosurface Technology in the late 1980s) based on technology developed by Dr. Howard Green at MIT and Harvard Medical School. Vericel develops, manufactures, and markets autologous cell-based therapies for patients with serious diseases and conditions in sport medicine and severe burn cases and is a leader in the development of autologous cell therapies to repair or restore damaged tissues or organs.

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“Dr. Green was the first to culture human cells in a laboratory setting for therapeutic use and was one of the founding fathers of stem-cell research and regenerative medicine,” said John Duguid, Senior Director, Research & Development Vericel, adding, “Vericel has driven innovation since the company formed based on the technology developed by Dr. Green, which was later commercialized as Epicel® .”