BioFabConsulting Launched! Providing Regulatory and Commercialization Resources for ARMI | BioFabUSA Members

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Regulatory, and preclinical consulting are the first of several member support services ARMI plans to provide its members as part of its BioFabConsulting program. The membership of BioFabUSA is diverse in expertise, interests, and business plans. The initial rounds of consultation engagements will, in composite, help define the cadence and identity of the future BioFabConsulting services. These consulting services seek to support this diverse group as part of the larger mission of seeking to support existing industries and create new ones.

BioFabUSA Headquarters
BioFabUSA headquarters also home of BioFabConsulting.

BioFabConsulting will be headed by Richard McFarland PhD MD (Chief Regulatory Officer) and Becky Robinson-Zeigler PhD (Deputy Chief Regulatory Officer). Together Drs. McFarland and Robinson-Zeigler have roughly a quarter century of domestic and international experience across the spectrum of review, policy, jurisdiction for all types of medical products—biologics, devices, drugs, and combination products.