IACMI Member Companies Elect Representatives to Serve on IACMI Consortium Council

Lightweight Materials, Materials

IACMI are pleased to announce the following member representatives who have been elected to serve two-year terms (2024-2025) on the IACMI Consortium Council. The Council manages the activities and affairs of the IACMI Consortium, including strategic planning, annual budgets, technical plans, projects and IACMI management practices.

Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) Representative
Chris Vicory
Global Business Manager Composites
Zoltek Corporation  

Workforce Development Representative
Carol Howerton Director of Workforce Development Programs
Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center  

Vicory replaces Endeavor Composites CEO & Founder Hicham Ghossein as Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) Representative. Howerton fills a new seat established on the Council to represent IACMI’s growing workforce development membership roster.     Elections were held throughout the month of January, giving IACMI Consortium Council members an opportunity to both nominate and ultimately vote for those representatives to serve on the IACMI Consortium Council.   “IACMI would like to thank all those who participated in this year’s Consortium elections, as we appreciate your leadership and engagement within our IACMI peer community,” said Dale Brosius, IACMI Executive VP, CCO, and IACMI Consortium Executive Director. “We are grateful to Hicham Ghossein as a strong advocate for IACMI and his outstanding contributions to the Council these past two years, as we welcome our new Council members to represent our IACMI community.”