Interview with Carl Kalin, President of Biosensor Solutions

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Question: Carl, can you tell us about your role at Biosensor Solutions and the focus of your organization?

Answer: I am the President of Biosensor Solutions, a small but robust team focusing on assisting researchers, growers and food processors as they monitor and improve the microbiology of soil and food for sustainability, increased harvests and food security and safety. We partner with university and soil testing laboratories, and growers to measure, report and validate the impacts of practices like biofertilizer upon microbial activity in the soil for better harvests and safety from field to dinner table.

Q: Biosensor Solutions is a newer member of NextFlex. What drew you to the hybrid electronics manufacturing community and what are you hoping to accomplish through your membership?

A: We are hoping to connect with other NextFlex members who are also interested in changing the landscape for sustainable food farming.