LIFT Helps Deliver Lifesaving Technology to Firefighters

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Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, a Manufacturing USA institute, announced today it successfully aided Lifeline Firehose with the production of a state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible for a firehose to deliver both breathable air and water/foam simultaneously. The technology is being launched initially on a Grand Ledge Area Fire Department truck in Grand Ledge, Michigan, allowing firefighters to battle fires longer, as well as get critically needed air to downed personnel and victims.

Lifeline Firehose


Michigan fire department becomes first-ever to deploy innovative firehoses helping first responders save lives and fight fires more efficiently.


The groundbreaking technology uses a patented coupler system, which LIFT engineers helped prototype, to deliver both air and fire suppressants to the end of the nozzle utilizing equipment firefighters are already trained on. The innovative coupler design allows for the simultaneous flow of air and water/foam through a double-jacketed fire hose system. The coupler technology is a positive disruptor in this industry and allows the air and water/foam to be sealed separately, which eliminates the chance of cross contamination.