MakerMinded Expands National Footprint, Opens Doors to STEM for All Students

Economy, Education, STEM, Workforce

LIFT – Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, a Manufacturing USA institute, today announced the expansion of its national advanced manufacturing learning platform and competition, MakerMinded, into three new states – Idaho, Indiana, and West Virginia.

LIFT is partnering with the Idaho STEM Action Center, the Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC), the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in STEM Education and West Virginia Forward to launch MakerMinded and expand students’ and schools’ access in those states to world-class advanced manufacturing and STEM learning experiences. Through these transformational experiences, middle and high school students will gain 21st century skills and secure their path to in-demand STEM careers.

“MakerMinded has proven to be the right ingredient to inspire and prepare tomorrow’s innovators and makers,” said Emily DeRocco, education and workforce development director, LIFT. “The platform is not just opening young minds to advanced manufacturing, but also giving those young minds foundational technical and employability skills they need for some of the most competitive careers, as well as in life.”