NASA Awards Grant to NLM Photonics to Work With AIM Photonics


AIM Photonics’ member NLM Photonics was recently awarded a NASA STTR Phase I Grant, which funds a 13-month project with AIM Photonics focusing on low-power, high-bandwidth electro-optic (EO) modulation for spacecraft applications, utilizing silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) EO modulators and considering the environmental extremes of space. 

“We are very excited to work with NASA to explore space applications of our hybrid organic EO technology. This grant will strengthen our relationship with AIM Photonics and accelerate the integration of our technology on AIM’s silicon photonics platform. We hope to build on these relationships to increase engagement with the U.S. government and defense sectors and use our technology to help solve critical national problems,” said Dr. Scott Hammond, NLM’s Director of Process Development and Principal Investigator for the project.