New on the ARM Member Community – Summer 2024


There are new resources and ways to connect with other members now available on the ARM Member Community! The ARM Member Community is our members-only digital platform that houses our project information, project outputs, member-exclusive research papers and resources, news, event recordings, and virtual networking capabilities. Explore what’s new below:

New Networking Groups:

  • External Funding Group: Join our external funding group to explore a curated list of funding opportunities in robotics, manufacturing, and workforce development. Plus, post your needs if you’re looking for partners and get connected with other organizations.
  • AI Working Group: Join our AI Working Group to contribute to and/or stay updated on our emerging AI capabilities for robotics in manufacturing. Want to learn more about this effort? Register for our July 17 interactive webinar (open only to ARM Members) on the Member Community.

New Resources on the ARM Exchange:

  • The Path to Adopt Multi-Modal AI & Rapid Re-tasking & Robot Agility: This report was funded through the ARM Institute’s 23-01 Technology Project Call and its development was led by ARM Member Siemens. The report details a technology roadmap for research and product development in two domains relevant to manufacturing automation: “Multi-Model Inputs for AI” and “Rapid Re-tasking & Robot Agility”.
  • Technology Assessment of Virtual Commissioning for Day 1 Manufacturing Readiness: This report was funded through the ARM Institute’s 23-01 Technology Project Call and its creation was led by ARM Member Wichita State University. The report takes an extensive and detailed look into the major software and tools for Virtual Commissioning, sorted by their primary focus and strengths, and analyzes technology gaps in Virtual Commissioning.
  • AI Discovery Workshop Report: Over a three-month period beginning in May 2021, ARM Institute conducted a discovery workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on its use and impact on robotics for manufacturing seeking to identify and prioritize the core AI technology capabilities that would have the largest impact to the ARM Institute’s ecosystem. The outputs from this workshop led directly to the concept for the ARM Institute’s emerging AI capabilities for robotics in manufacturing. ARM Members can access the results in this report.
  • Technology Roadmap for Manufacturing Process Informatics (MPI): This report was funded through an ARM Institute Directed Project Call and its creation was led by ARM Member CCAM. This roadmap outlines the current state of MPI practices, defines the challenges and gaps facing the supply chain, and proposes strategic initiatives to advance the industry’s capabilities. By understanding the intricacies of MPI, stakeholders can make informed decisions, optimize manufacturing processes, and ensure the production of high-quality aerospace components.