New Paper: Biomanufacturing Readiness Levels (BioMRLs)


Readiness level frameworks such as technology readiness levels and manufacturing readiness levels describe the status of a technology or manufacturing process on its journey from initial conception to commercial deployment. More importantly, they provide a roadmap to guide technology development and scale-up from a ‘‘totality of system’’ approach.  

This paper describes bioindustrial manufacturing readiness levels (BioMRLs), a classification system specific to bioindustrial manufacturing. BioMRLs will give program managers, investors, scientists, and engineers a shared vocabulary for prioritizing goals and assessing risks in the development and commercialization of a bioindustrial manufacturing process. Read the full paper – by BioMADE Technical Fellow Mike Smanski, Senior Technical Fellow Steve Evans, CEO Doug Friedman, and Chief Technology Officer Melanie Tomczak, along with several industry member partners – here and stay tuned for a webinar on this topic!